Friday, May 8, 2009

Fiery: Introduction

I was raised in north eastern Montana in the American Lutheran Church (ALC) which, when I was in early high school, changed to the Evengelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). I went to church every Sunday with my folks followed by Sunday school (from pre-school through graduation) while my folks visited with friends during coffee hour. Being raised Lutheran meant I was baptised as an infant, had First Communion (and the requisite classes) at the age of 9, Confirmation (and classes) during grade 7, Junior League every Wednesday throughout high school and Bible School for a week each summer (preschool through junior high). I remember I even taught one year of Bible school when I was in year 9. We did the coolest Moses and the great flood skit. Curious that they never asked me back.

if we need to vent our spleen because
By junior high I was reading my bible every night with the aid of various devotional books, listening to Amy Grant, and trying very hard to have a born again experience like I'd read about in various inspirational fiction stories.


Today I am a 35 year old owner of a used book store. I've been an atheist for 10 years now and have spent the last 2.5 years free of guilt for my non-belief and have become rather "hard core" about being an atheist. I have not, however, told my parents or people that I grew up with that I am an atheist. Some days I wish that I could, so that my Mom at least, could know the real me.

My reluctance to tell my folks stems from the fact that I don't want them to have to spend their retirement worrying about my immortal soul or face their disapproval (yet again).

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